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Bitter Seeds in Filmmaker Magazine

Monsanto, the agriculture biotech company maligned in such docs as Food, Inc. and King Corn, found renewed opposition this month with the launch of an online petition gone viral… more

Bitter Seeds in Boulder Weekly

In the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack sells everything he owns — one cow — for a handful of magic beans. It works out for Jack. He takes on the Giant … more

Bitter Seeds in Boulder Stand

“Bitter Seeds” explores a hot topic among Boulder residents — genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The film, which screened at the Boulder International Film Festival Friday … more

Bitter Seeds in Variety

Rounding out his “Globalization Trilogy” with another affecting, character-driven portrait designed to indict corporate opportunism, Micha X. Peled exposes the issues underlying a rash of farmer suicides in “Bitter Seeds.” Focusing on a small agrarian community in central India… more

Bitter Seeds in LA Times

…Earth is also a star in fictional features ‘The Descendants,’ ‘The Forgiveness of Blood’ and documentaries ‘The Island President,’ ‘Bitter Seeds’more